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Video/ Audio links for Smart Phone: Nokia/ Android/ Blackberry

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for USA audience

Listen To By Phone No extra cost for the call. calls use mobile minutes.

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PMTV for Overseas

Now you can watch Peace of Mind Channel through Roku box in the world.

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BKs Caller Tunes

Brahamakumaris Caller Tunes on all mobile services

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  • PM TV is very good Educative Spritual channel. It educates us about Ourself.which is not there in any channel in the world.It keeps our mind $ body in peace and happy.

    , Shivnarayan

  • Pleasant, excellent and intellectual views expressed in their lectures by different speakers. Shows right path in life, helps in building a good character in one’s life. Gives direction for peaceful and pleasant family life.On the whole i can say betterment for human moral values.

    , Ajit Singh Rohilla

  • This is a great site and loved to have selected the hello tune….Very user friendly

    , Meenu

  • Thanks for the greatest help for us and the unlimited service

    , Dr.vasantha damodaran