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Greeting of Peace!

11th Feb – 10.00AM
LIVE: Sawarn Jayanti Mahotsav from patna 11/02/17 at 11AM

11-02-2017 03:00pm The Excellence in Profession sister sivani Behn

4th Feb – 5:00pm
LIVE: Balance Sheet of life By BK Shivani from Bangalore at 5:00pm; 04/02/17

5th Feb – 6.30AM
LIVE: Celebrating Life by BK Shivani, Bangalore 6.30am 05-02-17

5th Feb – 10.00AM
LIVE: Caring is Healing by BK Shivani, Bangalore at 10.00am 05/02/17

5th Feb – 5.30PM
LIVE: Inner Power for Success by BK Shivani, Bangalore at 5.30pm 05/02/17

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